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send lawyers, guns and money

the shit has hit the fan.

Nation McKinley
8 March 1986
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christian marclay's video quartet, deborah harry's cheekbones, denton: the home of happiness, disabling comments, eva marie saint's eyes, faye dunaway :(, jeff bebe's jeff bebe tee, jimmy page's sweater vests, lauren bacall's eyes, lauren bacall's voice, michael jackson's smile, netflix, never tagging my posts. ever., over the hills and far away, pilot g2 pens, pretty much everything about lauren bacall, riff raff/magenta (incest yay), robert plant's bellyhair, robert plant's bulge, robert plant's solo work (lol stfu), robert plant's voice, snails, swearing liberally, terry malloy/edie doyle, the smell of old books, the tate modern, trafalgar square, ugly sunglasses